Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where's the off button?

I'm taking some time off. Away from the computer; facebook, blogs... turning it off for at least a week. I think I'll check in once a day, limiting myself to 15 minutes... but maybe not.

I don't even want to talk about how much time I generally "waste" online... I just want to change it.

Last night I made a list of the things I've neglected, wanted to try or do for a while, or just want to spend more time on. Not in any particular order, just what came to mind as I brainstormed:

  • Sew - Pillows, Reconstructed Denim Skirts for myself and the girl, Curtains... floor cushions, dresses for Chickie. Lots of projects half done, bugging me!
  • Scrapbook - Monkey and Chickie have empty scrap and baby books. Bug has three lovingly crafted full books. I have guilt.
  • Make yogurt.
  • Make bread consistently.
  • Try once a month (once every two weeks?) cooking.
  • Try new recipes.
  • Read more. Frequent the library.
  • Take the kids to the park more often. To the gymnastics center. To Bouncin' Bears.
  • Spend more time with each of the kids individually every day.
  • Do more crafts. (I loathe most kid's crafts. Bug LOVES crafts. It's a worthy sacrifice.)
  • Read to the kids more often.
  • Play WITH the kids more. Stop telling them to "go play", and GO. Play.
  • Eat healthy consistently. Plan meals. Eat out less.
  • DAILY devotions. Pray more.
  • Go to the gym consistently.
  • Turn off the TV when the kids are in bed and just hang out with the Papa in the silence. =)

So. There you have it.

I'm also going to finish my decluttering and major cleanout, in prep for a garage sale while the Papa and boys are gone to visit his mom in a couple of weeks. (The Papa can't stand the mere thought of garage sales, so I thought I'd spare him!)

I'll report back. =)


Michelle Crawford said...

have fun!! Blog your progress

Emily said...

What an awesome challenge you have ahead of yourself. Praying your time will be blessed and you will accomplish many things!

KaceyLynn said...

Way to go Mama!

Anonymous said...

What a great goal! Good luck and enjoy your time away. I hope that you accomplish a lot.

The Tucker Family said...

Very great post! We all should probably do this more *hug* and good luck! Can't wait to hear updates.

HeatherGwood said...

what a great list of things to do and thanks for the reminder that I could probably spend less time online and work on some of the same projects

April said...

you are very inspiring! I need to make my motivational list tonight, as the computer is too easy of an escape :) Good luck!!!