Sunday, July 12, 2009

14 dinners in my freezer...

$200 worth of groceries.
5 hours in the kitchen.
One sliced thumb. Not deep, but ouch.
Not having to think/plan/prep dinner for at least the next two weeks? Mmmm, happy sigh.

Prepping and putting together.

The larder. I wish it was more revealing, but they're all stacked up in my 5 cu.ft. chest freezer in the order I suppose we'll eat them. Close your eyes and picture aluminum foil lined baking dishes and bowls full of yumminess. You get the idea. Even better, imagine the relaxation of knowing you don't have to think about dinner! I am psyched about that!

I used a book I picked up a couple of years ago, thumbed through often, but never put to use: Once a Month Cooking. I used the first two-week cooking plan and followed the recipes to the letter. There were a couple of recipes I'm certain we'll really enjoy, a couple I'm not sure I'll be making again, and the rest were likely keepers, even if not family favorites... They include chicken, ham and beef dishes, burgers, casseroles, a roast, pasta, rice... The proof will definitely be in the eating, so I'll update as we eat our way through the full freezer. =)
Oh, and tomorrow? I'm making yogurt.


Emily said...

Shanna I am so excited about all the things you're getting done. I'm starting to compile my "unplugged" list of things to start very very soon and I'm getting really excited to share in this joy with you. The break I took from the internet a few months ago is really encouraging me to do it again and I'm so excited to start!

Amanda said...

Please keep us posted on what you like and what you don't as you eat through your dinners. I REALLY want to try this as we've got TWO chest freezers that I can fill with food!!