Friday, July 10, 2009

We played today. Played and played and played. In the circle, in the yard, in the woods, down the road...

We went for a walk in the sunshine. Bug on two wheels (!), Monkey on his four-wheeler, Chickie strolling along.

We watered and weeded the garden.

We baked and ate banana bread using up the 3 overripe bunches of bananas (sigh, we just don't eat bananas fast enough) that had been residing in the freezer for months. We put together an apple crisp for dessert. I suppose I "made" dinner, too - curried chicken over rice - but I just defrosted and heated it up, giving us that much more time to play. =)

Simple pleasures, brimming with goodness.

And now that my babies are all tucked into bed and I'm relaxed and warm after a long bath, I'm off to hang out with and sit close to the Papa.

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Emily said...

What a fun day!