Monday, July 6, 2009

Now how did that get there?

I'm decluttering.

Room by room, closet by cranny, old out, fresh clean space in. I'm decluttering our home, only keeping what we need and use. Sounds easy, right?

Lord help me.

If you stopped by unexpectedly, you would think I was one of those totally organized freakishly neat people. A place for everything, and everything in it's place... Yeah. My closets and crannies, the areas you wouldn't ever see? They're pitiful. Full of odds and ends, pieces of who-knows-what put here and there. I can't stand it! I was going to get all deep here and explore the meaning behind my messy hidden spaces (and maybe someday I will!), but honestly, I think I'm mostly just tired. It's hard enough to keep the high traffic areas up to my admittedly high standard, much less the stuff behind closed doors!

But it ends this week. I'm getting brutal; pitching, donating, sorting and selling.

The areas I'm working on:

  • Kitchen (pantry, cookware, serveware, pots and pans, fridge - everything) DONE
  • Upstairs Bath storage DONE
  • Chickie's Closet [CURRENTLY WORKING ON]
  • Downstairs Bath storage
  • Bug and Monkey's Closet
  • Playroom Closet
  • Master Closet [UGH. Dread.]


Organize Me

Organized Home


I'll post after pics. You can just close your eyes and imagine the befores. It's not "Clean Home" status, but it's not pretty. =)

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Emily said...

Yes! I can't wait to see your progress. :)