Thursday, July 2, 2009


The Bug is 6 today! Our firstborn son, the one who made us a mama and a papa. (Awwwww!) We're so proud of our little man. Papa took him to his traditional father/son birthday breakfast. We wake him up early and they go out to a restaurant before anyone else is awake. As you can probably tell, he's still a bit sleepy in these pictures. =)

We love you, sweet boy. Happy 6th birthday!

Noah at six is so bright and full of energy. He loves to play soccer, read, and be outside. A fierce protector of his younger brother and sister, he is strong, determined and never gives up. He has an impish grin and makes us laugh every day. He's our little director and very independent, and he'll tell you like it is. Softhearted, he is quick to giggle, gives the biggest hugs, and is a great encourager.

BB in whipped cream, for the Birthday Boy!
As they were driving, they came upon this mama moose and her two babies!


The Mama said...
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Meri said...

Happy Birthday again to your little big man!!

Love the moose, I asked dh how great it would be if he got an appointment somewhere in AK after his SES training, and then we could see this in our neighborhood, and he said, "you just don't give up do you?" since I have been lobbying for a move up there ;) lol

Kristin said...

Cool moose pics! I can't imagine seeing moose walking through a neighborhood. The best we get around here is a raccoon.

Blessings --

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine driving along and see a moose family on the side of the road. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your "big guy." And way cool moose photos...that would be an incredible site.

((((hugs)))) from MNKristy

Michelle Crawford said...

great pics, happy birthday to your little man

Carey said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Love the moose!!!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness - has it been that long? 6 years old already? Doesn't it feel like only a few weeks ago that we got together and laughed our heads off? Awww - I hope he had a great birthday and congrats to you & dad for doing such a great job!

I can't even tell you how much I miss seeing moose walking down the road. It's hilarious to talk to people about it - it's like living on another planet... =)