Monday, June 29, 2009

Mama Monday

OK, blog as list:

Laundry schedule - check. The laundry has been overwhelming me lately, and I finally decided to get back to my old routine; bedding Monday, boys' clothes Tuesday, so on and so forth.

Pack/plan for camping - so much to do/think about. Food planning/buying/prepping, getting the kids and myself packed, need another couple of camp chairs...

Bug's birthday party. He turns 6. 6! Thursday. I am totally unprepared. We need to decide what we're doing and when, and it's going to be late since we're heading out of town the evening of the 2nd.

Weight loss/working out. Made it to the gym 5 times last week (GO me!) and plan to do it again at least 4x this week.

The garden is coming along, I need to take and post some pictures.

Still tossing around when to start my childbirth education work, talking, thinking.

Think that's it for now. :)

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