Friday, June 26, 2009

A fresh new blog!

Ahhh... not quite the same as a fresh notebook and thick gel pen, but it'll do!

We are an Alaska Grown Family. I was raised in the Interior; Eielson AFB, tiny but sweet North Pole, and Fairbanks. My husband was raised in Anchorage. We have three kids, all born here. Two at the hospital and one at home. =)

I've been down this blogging road before and never stuck to it, but I really want to have an account to look back on as my kids grow. It seems to be flying by me faster than I remember to breathe, slow down, enjoy the moments...


I'm going to try to stick to a theme a few days of the week in an effort to stay motivated and continue to post. Who knows if this will work... but I'm trying!

Mama Mondays - More personal posts about my progress in various areas - Spiritual, Health, Emotional, Personal Fulfillment, Homemaking, Crafting, Cooking, Sewing... less about the kids and family, more more more about me, me me! (Ha!)

Wordless Wednesdays - Photos tell the story.

Fun Fridays - crafts, projects, what-who-where we've been having a good time doing-seeing-going.

With that, since it IS Friday after all (and thank the Lord for that!) next up is a post slash tutorial on our new Reading Nook/Canopies!

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