Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Friday

Last week, we made Reading Nook Canopies from the June/July Issue of Family Fun Magazine. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the description and instructions online, but I'll describe how we did it!

It's SO easy, really.

The frame is a hula hoop. You'll need 2 pieces of 4.25 yards/ea. fabric (tulle, muslin, whatever), total of 8.5 yards. Lay 'em out, find the middle of each piece, put a piece of duct tape on each side right in the middle, then cut a small (1" or so) slit in the tape through the fabric.
Cut 6 pieces of 1/8" ribbon, 66" each (you'll need two rolls of 10 yd. ribbon), make a loop with each piece of ribbon, pull the two ends through the loop around the hoop, then spread the 6 ribbons evenly around the hoop. Knot them all together in the center, making a loop to hang the canopy from.

Then lay out your fabric in a big + shape, middles on top of each other, pulling the ribbon loop through the slits you cut. For the top, I used felt; 1 1/2 yards for each nook, I layed it on top of the hoop and used chalk to outline a circle about 6" out from the hoop, cut out the circle, then just freehanded the leafy looking stuff. Cut a small slit in the center, and loop the ribbon through.
You can cut the bottom edge with pinking shears if you want, or just leave it if you're lazy like me! Voila!

Chickie has completely made her nook her own by stacking up pillows and blankets inside, along with a basket of books and toys.

The Bug and Monkey like to use theirs as a hideaway fort while playing spies. Hee!

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Debbie said...

If I thought my girls would not try to climb them to the ceiling, I'd do this in a heartbeat. Maybe when they're a TAD older - the girly reading nook is amazing!!!