Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long time no post...

Whoa, how did a month go by without a post? I'm so easily distracted! I've been meaning to get a few things posted, have had thoughts swirling around in my head for a bit...

But first, here's a recap of the last month or so in pics.

My little lady has two teeth and learned how to sit. She's also scootching herself all over the place backward, and rolls like a madwoman. I'm not ready for three mobile children, but there's no stopping this crazy girl.

The girl is sleeping on her own in her crib now, and going almost all night. The last week or so, she's gotten up once per night around 4-4:30 to nurse, then goes right back into the crib until around 8. I'll take it! She's such a sweetie pie, very smiley and giggley. She gets all kinds of attention with those big bright eyes and happy cheesy grin.

I love how she humors me. I'm a goofball for the hats and hairbows, you know...

Big brother love.

Grandma and Grandpa visited for a week or so in July. They met Chickie for the first time.

The boys caught a frog by the creek in the backyard.

We worked on some crafty projects.

That's about it. Just enjoying what's left of summer.

We started receiving homeschool materials last week, and I am so jazzed. Who knew it would be so much fun to open boxes of school stuff? I'll post about that soon.

We have a big camping weekend planned with a bunch of families from church, Bug is beside himself with excitement. Every morning he wakes up asking, "How many more days, mama? 3 days? I can't wait to camp!" We're going out to the same lake where we ran into a big brown sow last year... has me a bit nervous, but I'm sure all will be fine, we'll be in a large group. There has been so much more bear activity/maulings this year than usual. Has everyone a bit paranoid.

I was feeling really guilty about my poor neglected blog...

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