Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am a fool for the school supply aisle.

There's nothing like the smell of a fresh box of 64 crayolas.

Or a pink pet eraser.
Mmmmm... Elmer's, I could sniff you all day!

I love to unwrap a new pack of wide rule filler paper, sharpen #2 pencils, and to crack open a 3-ring binder for the first time.

I was that kid. You know the one -- backpack packed two weeks before school started, new clothes all laid out for the week, up at 5 AM the first day of school, too excited to contain myself. And the nerdiness just lives on, as we prepare for our first official homeschool year with 5 y/o Bug. Kindergarten starts in just a few short weeks. We went through the magical aisle the other day, and I couldn't keep the giddy smile off of my face.

Washable markers? Check
Colored Pencils? Check
Crayons? Check
Ruler? Check

I think the real reason I always dreamed of being a teacher was the stuff. Mead composition books, peechee folders, protractors, calculators. Ahhh, bliss...


ltnbrn said...

Hey--I was THAT kid, too! I LOVED school, and I still love school supplies! My daughter isn't school age yet--but I still find myself salivating over the 64-count crayon box. One of these days...

Meri said...

Is it wrong that I have been sniffing the kid's new backpacks filled with crisp clean notebooks and brand new pointy Crayolas?*blush*
And you know what? I found the exact planner I needed for the year as a student planner, so the best part of carrying it around? I have a handy guide to the periodic table of elements, you know, in case of emergencies! ;) lol