Monday, September 14, 2009

Daily Log

I'm thinking I'll keep a daily log of what we're doing, learning-wise, just to keep myself encouraged, record successes and flops, and as a record to reflect upon as needed.

Today, we:
  • Had devotions about sharing out of 5-minute devotions and Big Book of Devotions for Boys.
  • Bug wrote a letter to mail to his best friend, Ben.
  • Talked about time and clocks, doing 4 or 6 pages in a workbook (his lead, I shut it down to move on to something else). Bug learned that the short hand tells us the hour, and the long hand the minute. We also discussed the face of the clock, clockwise, and the numbers.
  • 2 workbook pages of double digit subtraction, used quarters as manipulatives. (Again, I asked him to stop after 2 pages, not wanting him to do too much too soon.)
  • Went to a homeschool meeting where Bug, Monkey and Chickie had some seriously fun playtime and I got some seriously needed ideas for interaction and field trips.
  • Bubbles - Bug discovered to his delight that the little bit of solution left in his bottle worked just fine for bubblemaking when he filled it back up to the top with water.
  • He is rereading Fantastic Mr.Fox and still working on The Horse and His Boy, most of his reading time is at bedtime, usually for at least an hour a day.

Day one in a nutshell. We're both so happy he's learning at home again!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm so glad you're at peace now that you have him home. My wee one is only 2 1/2, but we're planning to homeschool eventually. I was homeschooled most of elementary and loved it. I'm looking forward to following your daily doings!

The Horse and His Boy has always been my favorite of the series! It's really fairly simple writing, but so well done that it paints magnificent pictures in my head!