Thursday, September 11, 2008

On birthin'

A meme meant for labor day, from Wife and Mommy.

How long were your labors?

Bug: 20ish hours
Monkey: 12 hours
Chickie: 6ish hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Bug: went to the hospital in early labor, induced.
Monkey: spontaneous ruptured membranes.
Chickie: took castor oil at home, but didn't realize I was in labor until about 2 hours before she was born.

Where did you deliver?

Bug: hospital, AK
Monkey: same hospital, AK
Chickie: my entryway, also in AK. (Ha!)


Bug: Stadol and an epidural, which wore off while pushing for.3.hours.
Monkey: Stadol and an epidural.
Chickie: None



Who delivered?

Bug: my then OBGYN
Monkey: the on-call OBGYN
Chickie: delivered into mama's hands.

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