Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stuck on a boat in the middle of a lagoon...

Yeah. The Papa, Bug and Monkey. They went camping this weekend with a friend of The Papa's and his two young boys. Camping on an island, about 5 hours drive on land and 40 minutes across the bay by sea...

Only as they were trying to make their way home Monday evening, the boat's motor overheated and they wound up having to bail onto a raft and make two trips back to shore. CRAZY, no? My hubby, my 4-year-old, and my 2-year-old. All while I am 5+ hours away and helpless to assist in any way other than fretting over my kids. Are they warm enough? Do they have enough food?


Happily, all's well that ended well, and they made it out the next morning via very expensive water taxi ride. And the pictures are incredible.

The view from their cabin.

A little kite flying:

The hot tub. You fill it with sea water and burn wood to heat.

Fishing hole:

I guess Monkey's favorite part was the fish they dug up for bait out of the sand:

And remember, no matter what...

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