Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lose 200 pounds this weekend!

I read this in the bath last night. (BTW, major brownie points won by The Papa, who worked late, then came home and rescued me by dealing with all three kids and bedtime, giving The Mama a much needed break. Love him.)

It was good. Nothing earthshattering, but I need some kind of kick in the rear to get rid of my junk. I'm a clutter hider. I can't stand it, so I tuck it away in nooks and crannys; under my bed, in my closet, in rubbermaid totes in the garage. I tend to obsess about letting go of things that are useful, even if I'm not using them, and have no plans to. Like the box of candles that is overflowing under my sweatshirts. They've been there for going on two years now, and I've added to the box but never taken anything out. Or the cabinet full of crystal above my fridge. Crystal vases, platters, mugs. Stuff we got for our wedding over 6 years ago and have never used. Stuff that isn't my style, but someone picked it out for us, it's pretty, it's expensive... Blah blah blah.

I have these thoughts that I'll use all the "fancy" stuff once the kids are grown. As if it will suddenly become my style or more fun to use when I'm 55ish? Let's face it, etched crystal will likely never be my thing. Will it?

This weekend, The Papa is taking Bug and Monkey camping. A boy's only trip. I think Chickie and I will spend at least part of the weekend decluttering. (OK, so I'll declutter and she'll just be there to drool and look cute.) Losing some dead weight sounds really good right about now.

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