Sunday, April 20, 2008

Phooey on To Do lists.

I like the idea of a "Have Done" list much better. I saw this on a mothering forum I love to peruse,

So with that, my have dones for today:
  • Nursed the baby 5 times.
  • Changed 5 diapers; 3 little bitty tushy, 2 big almost-time-to-learn-to-potty tushy.
  • Showered, got dressed, curled my hair.
  • Got clothes out for the two littlest, dressed the girl in fancy duds. No small task, those tights are a pain!
  • Fed the boys breakfast
  • Cleaned up
  • Went to church and learned about Boaz as redeemer. (GREAT message, I needed to hear.)
  • Went to Costco
  • Fed the boys lunch
  • Cleaned up again
  • Helped The Papa put together a ladder shelf thing to put in the dining room. We need more storage for school supplies.
  • Removed a splinter from Monkey's hand
  • Rocked Chickie
  • Bounced Chickie
  • Shushed Chickie
  • Swayed Chickie
  • Slung Chickie
  • Held Chickie
  • Cooed at Chickie
  • Burped Chickie

It's only 5:30 PM. Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon. :)

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