Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I really should be washing the pile of dishes in my sink...

But I'd rather start a blog. So here goes nothin'.
I'm The Mama, wife to my perfect match and mama to my little brood. I have the best career I could ever hope for. Wife. Mama. Keeper of my home.

The Papa and I have been married for almost six years - our anniversary is in two weeks. (Note to self - card? Gift? Aaaa!) He's incredible. Humble. Modest. Gentle. Steadfast. This incredible, indescribable daddy and my most loyal and devoted friend. You know how people always say that they don't deserve their spouse? I sincerely, totally don't. He's so much nicer, kinder, smarter, friendlier, everything than I am. Sometimes I have to wonder why God saddled him with me and all my craziness! (And he'll tell you with a grin that I'm God's best for him!?) I love that man so. Did I mention that he's incredible?

Our oldest is Bug. He's a precocious, vibrant, articulate man in a little boy's body. Almost 5, thinks he's way smarter than me, and he truly teaches me something new (usually about myself! Things I don't always want to learn - argh!) daily. Monkey's 2. He's a snuggly, cuddly, gentle and independent soul with a mind of his own. He marches to his own off-rhythm beat, always keeps me guessing. And smiling. Then there's Chickie. She's a sunshiney almost three-month-old. She's all about the drool and giggly babble these days. She melts this mama's heart and I can't get enough of her neck rolls and chubby cheeks.

What else is there to say? I love Jesus. I am a reader, a hot tea and coffee freak, a cheese eater. I'm goofy for my kids. We're a homeschooling family and we love the outdoors. I love to talk about natural (especially home) birthing, breastfeeding, raising my babies. I'm an optimist and there's nothing better to me than a day spent laughing and loving my family well.

How's that for a start to my very first blog post?

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