Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo recap!

Tell ya what - when the kids are bored and it's 5 degrees outside, here's a way to liven things up... bring a couple of twin mattresses out into the living room. Fashion a tent above them with a king sized comforter, chairs, clips and other various objects. Blow up balloons and let the kids go crazy.

Poor kiddos. They always look like overstuffed pillows in their winter duds. They love sledding, though -- and lest you think I outfit my boys in helmets for run of the mill snow fun, fear not - we were downhill sledding on a hill where a young girl actually passed away after hitting a tree a few years back. :( They really can move in this stuff, promise.


My hubby's creation:

Deep in the heart of Alaska!
These snowflake clings are really fun and easy to make, just use dimensional fabric paint on wax paper, let it dry, and then stick 'em up.
Another super easy craft even for littles, puffy scrapbooking stickers on clear ornaments. Voila!
This one is a bit more labor intensive. We loosely followed these instructions.
They turned out really pretty!
I can't get enough of the view above!
Photo evidence of why the sliding glass door is NEVER clean.

Where's baby Jesus?
We're having a most merry Christmas season!

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